Book Review of Dare to Kiss a Cowboy (Back to the Ranch) (Harlequin Romance, No 3317)

Dare to Kiss a Cowboy (Back to the Ranch) (Harlequin Romance, No 3317)
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Dare to Kiss a Cowboy By Renee Roszel
Harlequin Back to the Ranch Multi-Author Series
Anna Andrews needs to fix her brothers mess, again. When she goes to ask the man her brother stole from for a job and a grace period for her brother, she finds a hard, cold and extremely handsome man. A fireworks man, like her dad, a man she promised her mom she'd stay away from.

Bent River Ranch is run by the Dare brothers, top notch cutting-horses. Dusty Dare is a tough man to work for. Proud of his Cherokee roots and his horses. Unsure about letting the petite beauty whose brother stole a prized and irreplaceable possession from him, he gives in and gives her a chance.

What a great story. I started reading and couldn't stop. Anna has trusty Thad, the type of man her mom would want her to have, even if there's no love. Her heart prefers the dark and broody Dusty, but memories of the dad she never knew keep her fearful. I enjoyed the different characters and the horse training as well.