Book Review of Wolf Shadow

Wolf Shadow
Wolf Shadow
Author: Madeline Baker
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Excellent storytelling
In Buffalo Springs, Chance McCloud is playing cards when Edward Bryant approaches him with an offer of $500 for twenty minutes of his time. Edward asks Chance to find his daughter stolen by the Sioux a decade ago. Chance tells the man that he is wasting his money, as his daughter is Indian. Edwards wife Rosalia appears pleading for Chances help even as her husband increases the pot to $15,000. After seeing Rosalia, Chance is confident he knows where to find Teresa.

Chance visits the tribe that raised him as a half-breed to inform Blue Rain that her birth name is Teresa and her biological parents want her to come home. Blue Rain expects to wed a tribesman though she is attracted to Chance known among the tribe as Wolf Shadow, but tells him she is happy with her life. However, a Crow raid kills her future spouse and her Indian parents. She still does not want to leave so Chance takes her white parents to the tribe to see her even as he finds himself falling in love with her.

Known for her Indian romances, award winning Madeline Baker provides her readers with an exciting and insightful tale. The lead protagonists are a charming pair and the support cast adds depth to the novel. Though difficult choices are resolved rather easily through the death of the key players, fans will appreciate this warm Indian romance.