Book Review of Turning Point (Sholan Alliance No 1)

Turning Point (Sholan Alliance No 1)
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Strong start to the Sholan Alliance series, about a human girl and her strange telepathic bond to a feline alien. They only want to use their new power to help their races but others want to see their link destroyed, believing it is an abomination to both races.

The characters are fun and engaging, especially the main pair of Carrie and Kusac. The story is exciting, though a bit predictable. The writing style is standard, with dialog running on the long side. Also, the author has a habit of having characters explain what has happened thus far in the novel to other characters. It feels too much like the author was worried the audience had forgoten what they had just read and needed to be reminded.

I absolutely love the Sholans! The author did a fantastic job in creating a race that seems like it wouldn't be that much different from humans but turns out is a very different society, with new things learned about them at every turn. The contrast between Humans, Sholans, and the Others is wonderful to read.

The series has my attention and I'm excited to read more!