Book Review of The Magical Christmas Cat: Stroke of Enticement / Christmas Bree / Sweet Dreams / Christmas Heat

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Helpful Score: 3

This has stories from three authors I've already enjoyed. I hadn't read anything by Linda Winstead Jones before, and based on this sample I will be unlikely to read anything by her in the future.

Nalini Singh - Stroke of Enticement. Part of the Psy/Changling series. DarkRiver leopard Zach meets schoolteacher Annie when his nephew gets in trouble at school. My favorite in this collection.

Eric McCarthy - Christmas Bree. A sequel to the story in the anthology An Echanted Season. The Murphy sisters are all witches, and in this story middle sister Bree finds her unlikely match. Cute.

Linda Winstead Jones - Sweet Dreams. A soul-eating demon cat is looking for his ninth and final victim needed to become part of our world. The hero starts out as kind of a cold fish who doesn't eat white flour or sugar, so rejects the heroine's Secret Santa gift of Christmas cookies. It's a bit hard to redeem that in only 77 pages.

Lora Leigh - Christmas Heat. Part of the Breeds series. Overlaps with Mercury's War, and ties up a loose end from that book. Librarian Haley is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and finds out something that puts her life in danger from enemies of the breeds. Jaguar breed enforcer Noble Chavin is not about to let the woman he knows is his mate get killed.