Book Review of A Place at Our Table (Amish Homestead, Bk 1)

A Place at Our Table (Amish Homestead, Bk 1)
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Another good read from the talented hands of Mrs. Clipston. I was super excited when I read the blurb for this book. Being married to a firefighter, I'm always partial to books that include a firefighter or anything to do with rescuing. So, when I saw that this was not only another awesome Amish novel, but that it was about an Amish firefighter, I was instantly pulled to it. And, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. It was a good combination.

Meeting Jamie and Kayla was like meeting up with long ago friends. Their characters were instantly a part of me and I loved watching their story unfold. Dealing with pain and tragedy, these two hearts beat as one from their first meeting. Watching them grow in their feelings for each other was a refreshing start to a new series.

Like Kayla, when the sirens go, my heart skips a beat. I hold my breath until my husband is home safe and sound. The way Mrs. Clipston blends everyday life of firefighting with the plain, simple living of the Amish is a treat for sure!

This is definitely a 4 star, highly recommended read if you want something different. It's detailed and rich, and the characters don't stay characters for long. Each page turn brings you closer to the hearts of Kayla and Jamie, and I am excited to see what Mrs. Clipston has in store for us with book 2! Fantastic job!

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