Book Review of Good Girls Gone Bad

Good Girls Gone Bad
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"Janey Fabre, a thirtysomething actuary, can't get over her ex-boyfriend, Tobias Teague, who had a fiancee the whole time they were dating. Unable to deal with her obsession alone, Janey joins a therapy group and finds six other equally neurotic women. Eventually, Janey learns to trust the group members and explore her feelings about her mom's death, her emotionally unavailable father, and Oberjerk Tobias. But when the women decide to assert themselves by getting revenge on the man who did Janey wrong, their plan goes miserably awry, and Janey is left feeling betrayed and wondering whether even these women whom she loves so dearly are truly her friends. But she comes out of it all a stronger woman. Chick lit fans will enjoy this well-written look at what happens when group therapy members bond a little too well. Medoff's second novel (after Hunger Point) is recommended for all collections of contemporary women's fiction."