Book Review of Storm Front (Dresden Files, Bk 1)

Storm Front  (Dresden Files, Bk 1)
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Okay, I finished Storm Front by Jim Butcher. It was awesome; 5 out of 5 stars. The main character Harry, is both amazing and flawed and completely likable. The supporting cast all had great depth. We didn't get to learn to much of anyone's backstory, but I think you will learn more as the series continues. The story moved at a great pace and the action scenes were vivid, but did not contain so much detail that you were bogged down trying to picture it correctly. I guess if I had to pick one thing I wasn't crazy about, it would be world building. Mr. Butcher hinted around at a lot of things, but it never congealed into a whole in my brain. I don't really understand what is commonly accepted, what is accepted but mocked, what is disregarded, etc. and I don't understand the Nevernever at all. That I am sure will be focused on in later books. This was almost a 3 way cross genre experience. It was a mystery, an urban fantasy, and a science fiction book. If there is anyone who hasn't read this series yet, besides me, I highly recommend you pick it up as soon as possible. You won't regret it!