Book Review of Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply (Heart of the Wolf, Bk 19)

Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply (Heart of the Wolf, Bk 19)
Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply (Heart of the Wolf, Bk 19)
Author: Terry Spear
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Eric Silver, the oldest of the Silver quadruplets, big brother to CJ Silver in Silver Wolf Christmas, will come across a goddess that Wil capture his attention even if he not looking for his second mate.

Pepper is a rear she-wolf that is a leader of her father's pack and she has lost her childhood friend turn mate by a rival and now the rival's family is in for revenge by taking Pepper's pack and doing illegal growimgs, in previous stories about marijuana I'm their forests. Will in this story the Silver's might be getting some potential leads as to who is growing pot.

Pepper and Eric has fought their insta- attraction but no matter what they say or think their hearts and bodies will lead them into their HEA. It was a great story but the bad guy was a bit to tamed to be evil he was in my opinion, a grown @$$ child that could get what he wants and takes it out on other. Pepper was okay but for a female alpha leader she was more afraid on pi$$ing someone off then getting into altercation when the bully and his pack, she just let them run over her in her leadership and boundaries. Eric is a natural born alpha and became someone his brothers could look up growing in their dysfunctional home life, but as an adult and a she wolf in need somewhat he is more laid back then taking charge even in a co leadership he lets Pepper make the choses.