Book Review of The Seduction (Men of Honor)

The Seduction (Men of Honor)
The Seduction (Men of Honor)
Author: Kathryn Fox
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Fame, fortune, and critical acclaim awaited aspiring journalist Samantha Wilder, if she could just uncover a scandal that would shake up the North West Mounted Police. Heading to the Yukon Territory, she was certain that with all the gold dust flying around, at least one of them had to be on the take. She just needed to know where to look. But even cynical Sam was shocked when clues led to Inspector Duncan McLeod, whose integrity seemed as solid as his sterling reputation. Still, the truth had to be told, and she would be the one to tell it. Until Duncan's passionate kisses led her to commit the ultimate sin as a reporterfalling in love with the subject of her investigation.