Book Review of Zia

Author: Scott O'Dell
Genre: Children's Books
Book Type: Paperback
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Taken from the back cover of the book.
When fourteen-year-old Zia and her brother Mando, find a boat cast up on the beach near the Santa Barbara mission, they are determined to make the voyage out to the far island-the Island of the Blue Dolphins-where Karana, their aunt, had been left behind nearly eighteen years before, and rescue her. I still recommend reading it, it does tie up some loss ends to the first book.

And so, with a piece of cloth for a sail, a fish hook, a compass, and no sailing experience, Zia and Mando set out in their eighteen-foot boat for the sixty-mile journey, a journey filled with danger and adventure-and a reunion."

That just about says it all. The book was not as inviting as Island of the Blue Dolphins. The story is good but not great. I am finding it hard to explain what is missing but It lacks the strong soul the first book had.