Book Review of The Wedding Caper (Bridal Mayhem, Bk 1)

The Wedding Caper (Bridal Mayhem, Bk 1)
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This book is book number #1 in the Bridal Mayhem Series.
They are light, humorous and at times silly but enjoyable
and easy to read.
I actually read book # 2 in the series
"Gone with the Groom" before I read this one. You
were not punished for reading them out of order,
Gone with the groom, was on it's own a fun book
and a pleasure to read!

If you have the option of reading them in order
I would recommend doing so but however you read them
I really think you will enjoy these lighthearted books.
They are each complete on their own and yet complement
each other. A book that isn't series bound and can be
enjoyed by itself is to me the mark or a good book.

While I enjoy waiting for the next book in a series
to come out.
I do not like reading books that are hard to follow
because they are book two or three or so on. Or books
have no ending of their own without another book to do so.
You can leave things to be picked up in a next book but
the mark of a good writer is one that can give you and
ending in each book and still leave you wanting to read
the next one and hoping for sequels. Janice has done
a great job and I hope she writes many more books like these.