Book Review of Jane Eyre (The Classic Collection)

Jane Eyre (The Classic Collection)
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Great book, great reader. Reader Susan Ericksen is a wonderful actress, and she brings this book to life: I especially appreciated that she captures so well the humor in the dialogues between Jane and Mr. Rochester, but really she performs each character so well, giving each a distinct voice and character - St. John's cold command, Grace Poole's knowing cautious reserve, etc. etc.

One odd thing about the CDs: they are divided into 99 tracks. My CD player only has simple "next" and "prev" controls, so resuming the book on, say, track 77 involved a lot of scrolling!

I took off a half star because, although the book is surprisingly modern (in its egalitarian ideals represented by Helen Burns), the gothic elements (lunatic in the garret) haven't worn so well (for me). And because towards the middle of the second half of the book I felt the reader was rushing through some parts, and misplaced the stress in a few sentences. But these are quibbles.