Book Review of Pronto (Raylan Givens, Bk 1)

Pronto (Raylan Givens, Bk 1)
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I always enjoy Leonard's mixture of hard-core crime along with his sardonic humor. Well, this one was no exception. I read this one specifically because it is the novel with the first appearance of Raylan Givens, the unorthodox U.S. Deputy Marshall who is the main attraction of FX's hit series Justified. Just recently finished binging on the first 4 seasons of Justified and am looking forward to Season 5 which starts this week. Well Pronto includes the Raylan character in all of his no bullshit glory! Although this novel takes place while Raylan was still in Florida (before the Justified series takes place), it provides a good foundation for the character and includes some of his background not found in the series. The story has Raylan looking out for a sports bookie who has a contract out on him from the Miami mob for skimming profits (although he was setup by the Feds). Raylan ends up traveling to Italy when the bookie goes on the run (definitely not rural Kentucky). Anyway, Raylan manages to save the bookie's skin and winds up with his girlfriend as well as doing away with a few of the bad guys. Typical Leonard -- I'm looking forward to reading his other Raylan novels!