Book Review of Major Vices (Bed-And-Breakfast, Bk 7)

Major Vices (Bed-And-Breakfast, Bk 7)
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From back of book:

Though they'd rather be boiled in oil, Judith McMonigle Flynn and her cantankerous cousin Renie agree to cater a seventy-fifth birthday bash for their batty old Uncle Boo Major, the billionaire breakfast mush magnate. Luckily, their culinary obligations keep them in the kitchen and away from most of their contemptible kin--until the septuagenarian birthday boy is discovered blown away behind the locked den door. Someone slew Uncle Boo. And a plethora of last wills popping up all over makes everyone a suspect--Judith and Renie included. Which forces the cousins out on a limb as they attempt to pick the true culprit from among the many nuts on their twisted family tree.