Book Review of The Passion (Devoncroix Dynasty, Bk 1)

The Passion (Devoncroix Dynasty, Bk 1)
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Werewolves are one of my favorite subjects to read about and I've come to despise books where they are solely portrayed as the "bad guys". "The Passion" paints them as extraordinary creatures and I loved the author for that. They have faults, tempers, and an unbelievably arrogant attitude but are also capable of great compassion and undying love.

The story opens upon a grisly scene. Three werewolves have been brutally slain and werewolf Nicholas Devoncroix intends to destroy the human responsible. This forces his father Alexander to share with Nicholas a painful secret from his past. The story than jumps back in time to Paris 1897 and the story of Alexander and Tessa begins.

The first half of the "The Passion" reads a lot like a light-hearted regency romance between an innocent but "feisty" heroine and an arrogant hero. Human Tessa LeGuerre carries out her plans to murder Alexander Devoncroix while he sleeps. But her plans are foiled when the gorgeous man's wounds begin to heal right before her eyes. Alexander is a bit peeved but mostly amused by her failed attempt at murder and begins to interrogate her. When he learns the source of her pain the two form an emotional bond that brought me to tears. Alexander then introduces Tessa into the mysterious world of the werewolf and it causes all sorts of messy consequences and power struggles within the werewolf community. This portion of the book is often humorous and witty but then it takes a drastic turn and becomes a compelling and painful adventure/horror story filled with heartbreak, survival, and strength. The world the author creates is vivid and carefully drawn and her characters are people you come to love despite their faults.

This isn't a book that ties up everything in a nifty little bow because it is the first in a series. I also can't stress strongly enough that "The Passion" is an _extremely_ emotionally draining book and is at times terribly bleak. However, it is hands down the best werewolf book that I've read and I can't recommend highly enough. If you are a werewolf fan you absolutely do not want to miss this reading experience.