Book Review of May's Boy: An Incredible Story of Love

May's Boy: An Incredible Story of Love
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A fascinating book about a retired lady and her husband who took in an abandoned baby that the hospital said would die. The child was blind, underweight, and losing the will to live. But May loved the child and willed him to live. She prayed, and used all she knew to bring life back into the child. Later, when Leslie was older she noticed his interest in rhythm, she got a piano and shortly discovered he was a savant. Amazingly the young boy could play music after hearing it once on the radio.

Leslie Lemke and his Mom were guests on the old PTL Club TV program. That was a classic show! Leslie and his adoptive Mom (May) are both amazing.

There's also a VHS tape (movie) available on this story (Cloris Leachman is May Lemke in the movie). It is excellent as well.