Book Review of Whispers in the Woods (Silhouette Dreamscapes)

Whispers in the Woods (Silhouette Dreamscapes)
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This is a new version of the Beauty and the Beast tale, set in the backwoods of Maine. A young woman has taken refuge with 2 chimps and an orangutan there. She found she could communicate with them telepathically when she stumbled upon her guardian's hidden lab, and managed to free them (and herself) from his cruelty. They flee to an abandoned home in Maine.
Once there, she starts sensing another presence in her mind, and begins talking to it, and the communications becomes more and more intimate. Even though the other presence keeps shoving her away, she senses the loneliness and despair behind the anger and keeps trying to find out who and what this is. I found the relationship very moving.

I have to say that I don't think this book is for the reader who has a very straitlaced notion of what romance should be. I think those who maybe like fantasy/SF, or who like books that break molds would be more comfortable with it. Unfortunately I can't say why without revealing major spoilers.

I think those SF/Rom fans who like Lisanne Norman would like this book.