Book Review of The Red Thread

The Red Thread
The Red Thread
Author: Ann Hood
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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There were so many characters in this book, none of them memorable, that up until the very end I was still not sure who was who. The people seeking these adoptions were surprisingly inappropriate candidates to adopt. Often the couples weren't even both in favor of adopting. I had a hard time picturing them OR finding them believable. A few I actually disliked, especially Susannah who
was embarassed by her own disabled child and seemed to want a 'replacement' that was perfect. The stories of the Chinese families were very sad, so all the more reason for these babies to go to happy stable homes. Maya had her own secret and her own guilt to deal with. She did seek to work through that in the story, and seemed to be on her way to forgiving herself yet I'm not sure this was the best moment to bring a new daughter into her own life. The idea of 'the red thread' running through our lives is thought provoking but the story seemed unrealistic to me, the pre adoption time frame too short and the adoptive parents unsuitable. The last minute baby switch also probably would not have happened in real life. A good idea, not well executed. It could have been so much more!