Book Review of The Sandman, Vol 7: Brief Lives

The Sandman, Vol 7: Brief Lives
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This is the seventh graphic novel in Gaiman's Sandman series. The Sandman series is 10 graphic novels in length. This was a wonderful book. Absolutely loved the story and enjoyed the illustrations.

In the seventh graphic novel in the Sandman series Morpheus's sister Delirium wants to go searching for her brother Destruction. After Desire and Despair refuse to help her she turns to Morpheus for help. Morpheus has just been abandoned by his girlfriend and is depressed and as such agrees to travel with Delirium in search of their brother Destruction. There travels take them to visit a number of long-lived humans and a few forgotten gods.

If you are a Sandman fan then you will read this and love it. If you aren't well then you should start reading these graphic novels because they are awesome. The plotlines are creative and interesting as well as engaging. Sometimes the story gets a little bit ambiguous, but that just makes it more interesting. There is always a little black humor in these; especially in this book where Delirium likes to chat about whatever strikes her fancy. Of course the storyline always touches on deeper topics like the meaning of life, the origin of life, and the definition of gods.

I really enjoyed this installment of the Sandman series and look forward to reading the next novel.