Book Review of The Closers (Harry Bosch Bk 11)

The Closers (Harry Bosch Bk 11)
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Wow, I really enjoyed this book. Someone in the forums recommended that if you like David Baldacci novels then you'd enjoy Michael Connelly too. He was not wrong! As soon as I read the first page of this book I was hooked and could not put it down. It chronicles two detectives assigned to solve a 17-year-old cold case. The details of the investigation, like the justification they have to go through to get a search warrant, or how they do a stake-out were so well written that I felt like I was right there doing the investigation with them. You really get to know the characters and care about them, and with every step you feel their frustration turn to hope, only to be changed with the next twist that they have to work out.