Book Review of The Hunt (Predator, Bk 2)

The Hunt (Predator, Bk 2)
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When I picked up this book I wasn't sure what to expect. How could it be as good as The Prey, Ms Brennan's debut book? Nothing could beat that, or so I thought. As you can tell, I was not disappointed. The Hunt, the second book in this trilogy is just as good. In fact, in some ways The Hunt is even better. Allison Brennan has yet again pulled out all the stops to create another gripping masterpiece. As an entertainer she knows how to pack a punch!

From the meaty dialogue to the thrilling, nail-biting plot, Allison sends her protagonist and all those who are dear to her to hell and back several times. Readers who love to hear gruesome details from inside a serial killer's mind, whilst peeking inside the forensic investigations as they unravel hidden clues, will be enthralled by her talented storytelling capabilities.

Also, if it's love you want, there are some great romantic and tender scenes to keep you happy, too. What a plot! It is obvious that a huge amount of planning and thorough research has been undertaken to produce such a believable and exciting story. I could quite easily imagine this being made into a film or a TV drama series. This is a taut, well-paced romantic thriller that will leave you desperate to read the third and final book in the series The Kill!