Book Review of The Girl In Cabin B54

The Girl In Cabin B54
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The Plot:

The 1960's brings an end to the era of grand trans-Atlantic steamers as jet travel takes off. But the SS Columbia still makes regular trips from New York to Southhampton, taking a leisurely week enroute.

Ship's doctor Vernon Grove has a particularly harrowing crossing this time: his associate doctor didn't show up in time for sailing, and the group of passengers at his table seem to all be part of a conspiracy involving a woman who the doctor was romancing on a previous voyage -- a woman who died under mysterious circumstances.

One of these passengers is a young woman traveling in the same cabin that Grove's former ladyfriend did. And this woman claims to be seeing visions from beyond the grave, visions sent by the dead woman.


The setting is interesting and the writing style is pleasing and easy to read. Until the end the reader is not too sure that the good doctor is really the victim of an elaborate scheme, whether the woman in Cabin B54 is really psychic, or that the doctor is in fact losing his mind and succumbing to paranoia.