Book Review of On Foot to the Golden Horn: A Walk to Istanbul

On Foot to the Golden Horn:  A Walk to Istanbul
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From the cover: Discover an unknown Europe. This is the story of an incredible voyage, full of encounters with fascinating people and landscapes. But its backdrop is one of the most important historical moments of the late 20th century--Eastern Europe at the beginning of the 1990s. Goodwin's motives initially had nothing to do with this moment: fascinated by the history of Istanbul, he vows to reach the place as a visitor would have during its Byzantine heyday--on foot. As a result, he and his friends find themselves tramping through Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria as the Iron Curtain falls apart all around them. (--Andrew Nieland) Along the way, they sleep in haystacks, drink with Gypsies, and play with Ceaucescus orphans, meeting with overwhelming hospitality as an older Europe tries to settle with itself, and a new one struggles to be born. An exciting travel adventure, that really makes the walk come alive.