Book Review of Acceptable Risk

Acceptable Risk
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Prozac-like drugs are being prescribed to alter individual personalities to currently valued norms. (Sounds like life!)
Robin Cook explores the perilous intersection where fame and unfathomable riches waylay and seduce the very best and brightest of those sworn to do no harm. Neuroscientist Edward Armstrong begins dating Kimberly Stuart, a descendant of one of the witches hanged in the Salem witch trials. He takes advantage of this opportunity to prove a pet theory, that the "devil" in Salem in 1692, had been a hallucinogenic drug caused by molded grain. Using Kimberly as a test subject, using a designer drug called Ultra, he wants to be at the top of the next generation of antidepressants with truly startling therapeutic capabilities. This story is quite disturbing because is has an authentic ring of truth by an author that has the technical and professional knowledge to back it up.