Book Review of Into Thin Air

Into Thin Air
Into Thin Air
Author: John Krakauer
Genre: Nonfiction
Book Type: Paperback
reviewed One of the most influential books of my life. on

A non-fictional book written like fiction, John Krakauer does an amazing job of telling his personal story. Into Thin Air is about himself, along with a group of other climbers, who attempt to climb Mount Everest. It's told in a way that makes the reader identify with each character, like a common novel, but holds the bones of a personal journal.

I read this book, not expecting anything grand, only to be surprised that it has stuck with me years and years later. I climbed the mountain with each climber, and felt each's pain, triumphs, and losses.

Everyone should read this book. Highly recommended, even for the casual reader. It's amazing reading.