Book Review of Almost Eden (Audio Cassette)

Almost Eden (Audio Cassette)
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This is one strange book! The action and adventure was great; Maggie was something else again. In some ways, it seemed more like a fantasy than flesh-and-blood people. I simply could not believe that Light did not consider the serious problem Maggie would have if he died - until well into the story!

Maggie wasn't real. Period. Light was fascinating and they seemed evenly matched (neither was a darling of the people who surrounded them; Maggie was considered a witch; Light, as a child of a white man and an Indian woman, was never accepted by either race).

The story between Eli and Aee was more interesting in many ways than that of the main characters; they seemed real. Perhaps Eli said it best when he told Aee that he loved her because she was strong and could take care of many things ... Maggie would always have to have someone take care of her.

There were flashes of humanity in Maggie when she admitted to Light that she hadn't known much about birthing until they spent the winter at the MacMillan's house. She also tried to learn useful womanly tasks while with the MacMillan's.

I liked the conflict between Eli and Light. The reader didn't understand the problem until just before Eli explained it to Light. How Eli got the info was a bit far-fetched, but Garlock handled the rest of this segment of the story well.

The closing scene was ...'dumber than dirt.' Talk about convenient; it ruined the story for me!

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