Book Review of Breathing Underwater

Breathing Underwater
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I should have reviewed this when I finished but on occasion that's hard for me to do so I'm stuck with having to rely on my crappy memory. Luckily it was only yesterday that I finished this. The day before was when I started Breathing Underwater and needless to say it's a fast read. It could be read in a matter of a couple hours if one had the time. It's also "easy" to read and by that I don't mean the subject matter but how the book reads. It wouldn't scare off a new reader. I don't think I'd have this to a reluctant reader though and only because all of the people I've met who could be called "reluctant readers" would see this as a preach in book form. That's the opposite of what I'd be trying to accomplish by giving him/her this book in the first place so personally this isn't the book I'd pick for that job.
Nick is very realistic and I think for the most part Caitlin is also. Flinn did a great job with how easily she had Nick join the ranks of abusive "men". ("Boy" would be a better word.)
The book doesn't feel like an after school special and I think that'll go a long way with teenagers. I know I'd have loved this when I was in my early teens.
One irky thing about the book: the kid on the cover looks almost just like an ex of mine.