Book Review of The First Mistake (Cleo North, Bk 1)

The First Mistake (Cleo North, Bk 1)
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The first of the exciting Cleo North Trilogy, THE FIRST MISTAKE draws readers into an exciting world of political intrigue, action-adventure, and passion with the first page. No one writes military romantic suspense as well as this former USAF Colonel, and THE FIRST MISTAKE doesn't disappoint!

For Cleopatra Aphrodite North, giving up a life as part of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations seemed to be the only choice she had left. After ignoring her sense that something wasn't right with a case involving a murder/suicide of Sergeant Debra Smith and Staff Sergeant Thomas Mitchell. Cleo is sure she botched the case, and that fact, along with her turmoil regarding paperwork and rules, forced her to trade in her uniform for a life of private investigations and security.

She hasn't regretted the fact that she left the Air Force, but she does regret never solving that one horrific case. When Major Jack Donovan suddenly shows up on the scene, asking for her help in a seven-burner investigation being overseen by her former commander, General Barnes, Cleo can't say no. But it's not for the reasons Jack might think-babysitting a cranky Tinseltown actress will provide the perfect smokescreen for Cleo to turn her sights on one Alexander Sloan, Colonel, USAF, Retired.

THE FIRST MISTAKE is military romantic suspense at its absolute best. Conspiracies, mysteries, action-adventure, and spine-tingling passion all come together to make this book a keeper. I can say with honesty, that after reading it, I immediately went and picked up THE MIDDLE SIN, the next book in the trilogy, just to find out where Cleo ends up next. Not to mention what becomes of Alexander's twin brother Marc, and to find out how Jack is dealing with his alcoholic ex-wife, Kate. Kudos to Ms. Lovelace for dragging this reader into the intrigue!