Book Review of Deadly Impulse (Mira)

Deadly Impulse (Mira)
Deadly Impulse (Mira)
Author: Olga Bicos
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Famed nature photographer Clayton Chase survived a lightning strike - only to discover his wife brutally slain. Clay can recall nothing of that fatefull night. But when an autopsy revealed that his wife was pregnant with anothers man's child, the headlines screamed that he got away with murder. Now a second trial is looming and, more than ever, he needs to remember.
Piper Jordan has a personal - and tragic - understanding of the natural but deadly phenomenon. And now, in her role as therapist specializing in victims of lightning strikes, she agrees to help Clay. Despite the rumors that he killed his wife, Piper sees only a man fighting his demons. But as the mystery behind his wife's death unfolds, she must face a startling possibility: could she be passion's next victim?