Book Review of The Butterfly Farm

The Butterfly Farm
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The first time i considered this book, was because of the title. I love butterflies, and of course the cover was attractive. I gave it a once-over and put it down, not quite sure that i wanted to read part of a "mystery series" with a slueth who was really a travel writer, not an actual detective. The second time i went to the bookstore, it caught my eye again, and, I decided to give it a try. I checked other reviews, one actually comparing the main character to Jessica Fletcher (Murder, she wrote). HAHAHA!! That was somewhat an accurate description....the main char. is an older woman embarking on a new career of travel writing...but don't be fooled..this book is fast moving, intriguing, with a suspenseful plot...i read it in under 2 days...I grew up loving Nancy Drew mysteries and i actually was reminded of this while reading this book! Again it was fast-paced and interesting with a great modern medical twist to it. I would recommend to young adults also, being that it takes place on a college-cruise ship. My only gripe is, this is book #1 and book #2 was scheduled for print in 2007, and i havent seen it anywhere....can't even google it...oh well, i wrote to the author's website, perhaps we'll see.....In the meantime, read this one!