Book Review of Better Read Than Dead (Psychic Eye, Bk 2)

Better Read Than Dead (Psychic Eye, Bk 2)
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The mystery is intelligent, the suspense in this book was actually quite good and the adventure plot, with Abby
trying to stay one step ahead of the mob. There are several plot threads woven through the story, and none of
them is given less than its due. I wondered how each of the cases would be resolved. And to top it off, all the
threads end up intertwining somewhere along the path--and not in an awkward, coincidental way. I found the
writing style and characters very believable and fun and, all of the characters from the first book remain in this
one. Abby is an intriguing character herself being a psychic gives the whole mystery novel thing a good twist.

I truly enjoyed this book, and I'm planning to latch on the other books written by V. Laurie soon.