Book Review of When Hope Blossoms

When Hope Blossoms
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Helpful Score: 3

This is one of the first contemporary fiction books I've read about an Old Order Mennonite family, and I noticed lots of similarities and also some differences from the Old Order Amish fiction books I've read. Kim's stories are usually fast reads, and I find myself rooting for her characters. The three children in the story, Bekah, Adri, and Parker, all stole my heart for various reasons. Bekah is trying hard to find her place among her people, Parker just wants to be loved despite his disability, and Adri has no internal censor, cute as she is. Amy fights to make a new life for her family, far away from the rumors surrounding the accidental death of her husband, and Tim doesn't want any reminders of his own losses, especially any Old Order Mennonite reminders. I wondered at times how on Earth Amy and Tim would manage to overcome the odds against them, but that's part of what makes a great romance story!

Thanks to Bethany House Publishers for my review copy.