Book Review of Back To School? Cool! (Tales From Duckport)

Back To School? Cool! (Tales From Duckport)
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This is a Scholastic Book. THESE ARE THE CHARACTERS FROM SUZY'S ZOO. This book is very colorful and entertaining. It has 3 stories for beginning readers.
"The Tales from Duckport books engage young imaginations and reinforce basic reading skills, with heartwarming stories about friendship and community." Francie Alexander, Reading Specialist

Meet Penelope...Suzy's new classmate, Penelope, is full of surprises. She eats tuna and marshmallow sandwiches, her favorite color is brown, and she has a very unusual idea for arts and crafts! In three easy-to-read stories, Suzy and her friends learn that having different ideas can be a lot of fun! You and your child will love this book!