Book Review of The Probable Future

The Probable Future
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The author has her own gift, that of confident narration. These are well-drawn characters who often inspire, simultaneously, the desire to give them tea and crackers and the desire to knock their heads together, with the portrayal of Brock Stewart perhaps the most touching.

Some fans might be disappointed by the lack of seamless integration of magic and realism in this novel, but others will be thankful the author did not force it upon a story which has its most honest moments between ordinary people.

Reconciliation and forgiveness are the main themes of the novel: about the need to forgive each other, forgive oneself and forgive past wrongs that have been carried down through generations. It is also about the transforming power of love. Hoffman contains her themes within an intricately weaved story that wraps around you like a warm blanket. It is a wonderful story of family love and the relationships between mothers and daughters.