Book Review of Red Storm Rising

Red Storm Rising
Red Storm Rising
Author: Tom Clancy
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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When a major Soviet oil refinery at Nizhnevartovsk is destroyed by Islamic fundamentalist fanatics, the Soviet oil supply becomes critical. Winter is coming and shortages will get worse. The Politburo, the rulers of the Soviet Union, decide they have no choice but to seize the oil fields and refineries in the Persian Gulf to make up the shortfall and assure their own survival. But NATO will not sit idly by and allow them to conquer the Gulf without opposition. Many NATO nations depend on Gulf oil as well. So the Politburo decides that NATO must be neutralized before the Red Army can conquer the Gulf. They institute a deception plan to keep NATO off guard while they prepare for the invasion of Germany. The invasion plan is code name Red Storm. When the invasion begins, World War III is on. The key to NATO's successful defense of Germany is the supply line across the Atlantic. As the NATO allies desperately try to keep the Atlantic supply line open, Soviet forces just as desperately try to close it. The battle of the Atlantic, fought between two Navies with the most modern equipment, is just as deadly as the battle of Germany fought between two armies with the most modern equipment. From the halls of the Kremlin in Moscow to the East Coast of the United States there is a Red Storm Rising.