Book Review of Sudden Death (Andy Carpenter, Bk 4)

Sudden Death (Andy Carpenter, Bk 4)
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It is not often that I become enamored of a mystery series. This is one of the few exceptions. I love Andy Carpenter, purely and simply. He's an amazing attorney but is full of self-doubt. He loves Laurie, a police officer who quit the force and became a private detective over a matter of ethics. He also loves Kara, his wonderful Golden Retriever. He has a lot of other quirky people that are a huge part of his life. It is an engaging cast of characters. Did I mention his humor? He is absurdly funny, full of superstitions and self-deprecation. This books involves a Giants football team player who is charged with 1st degree murder of a player of the Jets. The only thing I didn't like about this book was the cliffhanger at the end. Otherwise, he scored a touchdown or possibly a whole lot of field goals and PATs with this book.