Book Review of Distant Shores

Distant Shores
Distant Shores
Author: Kristin Hannah
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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Elizabeth "Birdie" Shore finds herself firmly ensconced in middle age and just going through the motions of marriage with Jackson, her husband of 24 years.

She has always put her husband's needs and career first, moving constantly while raising their two daughters, but now that the children are in college, she feels herself slowly drifting away just as Jackson's career is finally on the upswing. A star football player who lost his way after being injured and developing an addiction to pain killers, Jackson is having a comeback in the world of sports television, but that means they have to leave Birdie's dream house in Oregon and move to New York City. As usual, she just follows her husband, but when her father dies unexpectedly, Birdie decides to separate from Jackson and go back to Oregon to find herself and her former dream of being a painter.

Isolated in her beach house, Birdie tries to rekindle the passion she had for her art, which reminds her of the passion she felt for her husband. Jackson, however, is busy indulging in the lifestyle he always thought he missed by marrying too young -- he's famous and surrounded by beautiful young women.

This insightful look into the dynamics of marriage will resonate with readers, and mark Hannah as a strong voice in women's fiction.