Book Review of A Promise of Love

A Promise of Love
A Promise of Love
Author: Karen Ranney
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 2

The central character, Judith, is a twice widowed woman who has never seen much kindness or love in her life - not even from her own family. She harbors her emotions like a shield that if let down would probably render a weaker person insane - but great strength and fortitude are traits which have kept her alive up to this point. The beginning story finds her returning home for sancturary, only to have her father barter her away the very next day along with 100 head of sheep to be taken to Scotland.

Upon arriving at the burned out castle of the widower, Scottish laird Alisdair MacLeod, the wily Scotsman Malcom, Judith's escort, with a very quick pronouncement in front of a witness had her wed her almost immediately to his Laird. Interesting bit of Scottish lore how this was done!

Now you have two furious people, having never laid eyes on one another, all of a sudden married! Alisdair was none to happy and neither was Judith but as the characters are drawn out you will experience the magic of love as Alisdair and Judith find that their love and trust can help them to lay to rest their pasts and build on a new future.

This is a wonderful period piece, and if you are not offended by the historical atrocities of the period, you won't be sorry if you pick this up! Outstanding!