Book Review of Dawn's Light (Restoration, Bk 4)

Dawn's Light (Restoration, Bk 4)
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This is the last of four books in the series called Restoration. Set in small town USA.

If you have read the first three, you know that a supernova has wiped out the electrical grid over the entire planet. No electric anything. New cars won't start, old vehicles will but without fuel?

This 4th book wraps up the story line with the country finally being able to start to repair the damage that the supernova created.

I will not give up the ending but I will tell you this:
I started this book late last night probably near midnight with the intention of just reading a "bit". I read straight thru the night and finished about 5am this morning. I would have finished earlier if I had not been crying so hard as I read.

A higher reccomendation I can not give.