Book Review of The English Patient

The English Patient
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Sometimes I let a book set before I write any comments. This was one but I can't forget it. It's a sad but lovely story so well written that it lingers in my mind. Four people touched by war are living together in an Italian town. Each has her/his own tragedies and secrets. The interactions among the characters are so poignant and memorable. I think that the cover of the book is misleading as the romance within is merely a wartime romance where each returns home to pursue a life in peacetime. The author weaves such admirable links among the four so that the reader almost feels she/he is in the room with them. It doesn't matter if it's the woman or one of the men or two of men who are interacting. Like all life encounters, the memories prompt thoughts of "I wonder where she/he is now and what they are doing." "What is that person's life like so many years later?" This is a wonderful reading experience.