Book Review of Accidentally Married to... A Vampire? (Accidentally Yours, Bk 2)

Accidentally Married to... A Vampire? (Accidentally Yours, Bk 2)
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Second book of the series was even better, many memorial moments and a lot of LOL moments. Niccolo DiConti has been a vampire for 1000 years serving his demented Vamp Queen Renya until he couldnt take no more and when in search for the Goddess Cimil. When she did have time she saw his future and granted his wish to destroy the Vamp Queen. But with Cimil she left a lot of information slip and never told him it all, but after she does like a Sleeping Beauty spell or chant Niccolo is asleep for 300 years to our present day. Helena was in Mexico going on a tour through the ruins of the Mayans but she was left behind by the tour bus in the middle of the jungle. Sore, thirsty and wishing she never took the trip when she shes a flashlight in the trees and thinking this person can help her get back to the resort. She does what any horror movie actress does and follows the light even when it went into a ruins of stone. But what lies inside what takes her breath away until she hears a voice in he head telling her what to do to wake up this strange but golden fine specimen of male hotness. What happens next will leave a lasting impression on Helena & Niccolo's lives.

In the glossary in the back of the book and under Yum Cimil and her divinity she is described as batshit crazy, in this book you will see a lot more of her antics then in the first book, she does make looks of WTF moments and LOL as well, but I got to say she does have a science to her craziness.