Book Review of Bull's Eye (Orca Soundings)

Bull's Eye (Orca Soundings)
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Imagine you wake up one morning to find out that the person you've been calling your mom, really isn't your mom. Instead, she's your aunt, and your real mom is dead.

In the book BULL'S EYE, that is exactly what happens, and it sends Emily on a journey to find out who her real dad is, and find out who her mom was. Little does she know the secret that lies between her real mom and dad when she visits the school her mom used to go to.

When she returns to school after unraveling her past, she is mad at everyone and everything. To relieve herself, she goes to the school and starts drawing graffiti on all the walls, and she makes them bull's eyes. She does this for awhile until she gets caught.

To keep her from being in the court system they gave her a buddy to talk to. Her name is April. Emily could tell there was something wrong with April, but she wasn't sure what. She soon learns that April's dad abuses her, but can't find a way to tell anyone.

Will she eventually find the courage to speak out about this?

BULL'S EYE is very good and an easy read, and I recommend it.