Book Review of American Bad Boy: A Military Romance

American Bad Boy: A Military Romance
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Mack fell in love with Lauren when they were 6 years old, been each other's firsts in everything even went to prom together, had a romantic night but it was also their end of high school sweethearts. He chose to support his country by doing all he could to get into west point even to the point of not really telling Lauren until the last minute. His life was serving in the military Lauren became a physical therapy nurse but she had more on her plate then school and that would be the son she kept hidden from Mack. A decade later they are reunited but he has more on his plate then a missing leg and Lauren has just became a widow for just about a year her son is turning from sweet to destruction and now Mack is back in her rehabilitation center and he is in charge of his therapy. What could possibly go wrong....

Second book to this series is Grid Iron Bad Boy and it's about Lauren's sister Chelsea and Mack formal platoon buddy and their former high school classmate and football teams quarterback Cameron, and you will see how these two interact in this story so you will see how their story will be.

This was a great story, kept my attention from start to finish. Told from both p.o.v.'s, no rushing and no skipping around