Book Review of The Birthdays

The Birthdays
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I am not really sure if I understood this book to its full extent. A family meets on an island by Maine to celebrate the father's 75th birthday. The oldest son, Daniel, is in a wheelchair. His wife Brenda is pregnant with their first child that isn't really his because he cannot have children. This fact bothers him a lot. Jake, the middle child, and his wife Liz are pregnant with twins from IVF treatments. I didn't like this guy at all. He was a very immature and selfish character. Hiliary is the youngest child. She is six months pregnant and doesn't know who the father is. Jake is constantly yelling at her to take responsibility for her life. He is very mean to her. Ellen is the mother. She has taken a strange liking to the widow of her friend. Sometimes she sits and fantasizes about this man. The father, Joe, seems to be the only normal one in the bunch. I almost feel sorry with this character because he has to deal with these people.