Book Review of After This Night (Seductive Nights) (Volume 2)

After This Night  (Seductive Nights) (Volume 2)
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Wow, this is an amazing second book in this series, after Clay left Julia because she lied about him but still wont tell him the real truth, he left her to go back to NY to his live and work, but no matter how far he went his heart was for her and her only. Julia felt back for protecting Clay but life had to go one and her sister's wedding took main stage for her, so she kept her secret from her loved ones still and lived her life and still played to lower her debt to the mob. Until Julia decided to take matters in her own hands and try to calm Clay down over emails and phone calls for a month of just talking to each other, but Clay still didnt trust her like her wanted until she confess her to her lies. Which all did happen but, they still had a long ways to go even after promises that he made, but he also lied to help her. Julia had some devastating drama issues but she had her real gift in the form of a magazine writer and her specialized purple drink that made her review her life again and the love she has wants desperately. I cant wait for their next story and more after that.