Book Review of A Year in the Maine Woods

A Year in the Maine Woods
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"A Year in the Maine Woods" by Bernd Heinrich was an easy read that had to be one of the oddest, quirkiest books I have ever read. Unusually entertaining if you enjoy the outdoors and are often distracted by minutia you accidentially notice in your surroundings. How many people do you know collect and count the flies they kill? Or inventory 1000's of trees in the fall just to determine if all trees of the same species turn the same color? Heinrich ponders many questions regarding things most of us take for granted - or never even have thought of. There is some education - lessons on forestry management, although with a definate biased perspective and a sprinkling of practical persepctives on evolution at work. If you love the outdoors, are naturally curious, and have a interest in mundane tidbits about nothing (?), thern you will likely enjoy this book.