Book Review of Airframe

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Page Turner.. I liked it a lot and I hope you will too.

When an airplane makes an emergency landing at the Los Angeles airport, the jet's manufacturer gives a young woman named Casey the task of discovering what went wrong. Was it a manufacturing defect, mechanical trouble, or an inept terrorist attack? Casey must find answers while fending off an ambitious journalist who wants to make the story of flight 545 her big one--even at the expense of the facts.

Length: 351 pages
Height: 9.8 in.
Width: 6.8 in.
Thickness: 1.5 in.
Weight: 25.6 oz.

Three passengers are dead. Fifty-six are injured. The interior cabin virtually destroyed. But the pilot manages to land the plane. . . . At a moment when the issue of safety and death in the skies is paramount in the public mind, a lethal midair disaster aboard a commercial twin-jet airliner bound from Hong Kong to Denver triggers a pressured and frantic investigation. AIRFRAME is nonstop reading: the extraordinary mixture of super suspense and authentic information on a subject of compelling interest that has been a Crichton landmark since The Andromeda Strain.