Book Review of Big Slick

Big Slick
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Andrew Lang may only be sixteen, but he's pretty sure he'd like to try making a living playing poker. It started with free games online and quickly became playing for real in the private games held in the town pool hall. Andrew's quick thinking ability combined with the professional advice from pool hall owner Shushie Spiegel have him winning pots any respectable player would envy.

Unfortunately, Andrew has hit a losing streak. To keep money in his pocket, he begins skimming money from the cash register in the family-owned dry cleaning business. Before he knows it, he owes $600, and his father is noticing something strange. When his dad begins talking inventory, Andrew realizes his days are numbered to be able to pay the money back without being caught.

With the help of his friend Scott, goth girl and fellow employee Jasmine, and a mint-condition 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454, Andrew hatches a plan to get back the money he owes his father and the dry cleaning business.

Can they possibly pass themselves off as eighteen, get into the Native American casino, and then sit at a poker table and win?

BIG SLICK is filled with colorful characters, poker action, humor, romance, and illegal deals that will keep you turning the pages. Teen readers - both guys and girls, poker fans or not - will be fighting over who gets this one first.