Book Review of 23 Minutes in Hell

23 Minutes in Hell
23 Minutes in Hell
Author: Bill Weise
Genre: Christian Books & Bibles
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 14

Ok. A bestselling book gets published by a pastor called "90 Minutes in Heaven" and makes millions.

Then a little while later some unknown guy says he has a vision of hell and writes a book entitled "23 Minutes in Hell" and sells it and makes millions.

He didn't have a documented near death experience. He just says that one night Jesus came and "took him into hell." He has no way of verifying his story. No proof at all. Just his word.

His story is poorly written, and has no new or unique information, just the basic "its fire and it's awful" teachings that people all have heard again and again, but yet Christians flock to his book like sheep, and buy multiple copies to give their friends. This guy says he wants to save people from hell, but he sells his books, doesn't give a single one of them away, sets up a "ministry" website with nothing on it but and reviews of the book that say its great and a link to buy the book. Then he goes on speaking tours and gets paid to talk about his book, and sells copies of the book to more and more people.

All the while there is not one shred of proof or evidence that anything happened to him at all.

I think Weise is laughing all the way to the bank.