Book Review of And Then There Was No One (Evadne Mount, Bk 3)

And Then There Was No One (Evadne Mount, Bk 3)
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I enjoyed (or at least finished) the first two Agatha-Christie-ish books by Adair, but couldn't finish this. It's about a Sherlock Holmes convention in Switzerland and includes a 20-page prologue about the writings of the murder victim which the author says can be skipped (and I wish I had.) Adair is a main character in the story and reads his own 30-page reconstructed Holmes story "The Giant Rat of Sumatra," which I did skip, having an aversion to Holmes stories not written by Doyle. I must admit that the writing is clever -- to a fault. But it's tiresome trying to keep up with the author. I gave up before the victim enters the story.